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App Distribution

There are two ways to distribute apps on

  • By developing the app in a sandbox (a copy of your production environment) and then deploying the app to your production environment. This is the typical case for companies that have a single instance of Salesforce.
  • By developing the app in a Developer Edition and then packaging the app. This is the typical case for businesses and independent software vendors (ISVs) that want to distribute their app to multiple organizations using Salesforce's marketplace, The AppExchange.

Core Learning Resources

We recommend that you start by doing tutorials in Trailhead, and then reference the official Salesforce documentation.

  1. Trailhead Module: ISV Basics
  2. Trailhead Module: Change Management
  3. Trailhead Module: Application Lifecycle Management

Official Salesforce Documentation

The following resources are written and maintained by Salesforce's award-winning documentation team. The content is updated every time Salesforce is upgraded with a new release, typically three times per year. You will always find the most current and trusted content in the official Salesforce documentation.

Related Resources

The following resources contain valuable content written by Salesforce and our community. Note that the content may not be regularly maintained.


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